Your Quick-Start Guide To Waking Up Happy Every Single Day For The Rest Of Your Life

YES, it's possible and easier than you think.

You're getting this for free because happiness is your birth right.

When you feel inspired you actually get shit done in your life!

I want you to soar!

When kind people are happier, healthier and wealthier, the world is a better place.

In The Seven Secrets To Waking Up Happy Every Day You'll Uncover:

  • ​What truly makes you happy, even if you’ve been feeling "stuck". You're not stuck. Not even close! You're in the flow of life and just need a little direction and clarity.
  • How to discover your life’s purpose and actually live it, starting right now. Your life has an important and beautiful meaning. It’s time to discover or reconnect with it.
  • The controversial method followed by myself and my clients to shift the pressure of obligation, while being just as, if not more, generous and connected to your friends, family and co-workers.
  • ​The 7-step system that helped me beat stage-3 cancer, marry the love of my life, have my dream job, pack up my shabby apartment and move into a gorgeous 6-bedroom home all before I was 40 years old.

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Real-life practical journal exercises to give you clarity on your own unique brilliance...

Why your intuition is your best friend and how to hear it even more clearly...

My morning and evening rituals that you can apply to your routine right now so that you begin to wake up happy every day...

And, my secret weapon to use anytime you feel stuck with anything or anyone.

Your dreams matter.

Some people choose to complain and keep doing the same thing over and over again.

This is not you. You know you're ready for greatness and want to feel the way you deserve to feel.

You want to heal your limiting beliefs and shift your behavior patterns so that you're empowered to make quick decisions on behalf of you highest good.

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given Inside Your Book

  • The easiest and most immediate way to practice Mindfulness. Page 4
  • How to stop guessing and know for certain that your life has meaning and how to start living it. Page 11
  • Exercises to create your legacy, regardless of time or money. Page 12
  • How to understand what your natural born gifts are (even if you think you don't have any). Page 15
  • Why learning to listen to your intuition could save your life (because it literally saved mine). Page 21
  • The 2 villainous forces threatening your success at happiness: FEAR & EGO... and a few simple "superhero" actions to beat them for good. Page 23
  • How money and praise are useless if you're unhappy and how to only do what you love (like I do). Page 24
  • A look into your own crystal ball of what your life will look like if you are willing to embrace change (and what it looks like if you don't). Page 29
  • You do NOT have to spend time with family members who talk down to you or disregard your feelings, and how to distance yourself with grace and love. Page 37
  • The Science of why it seems like your brain gives up on motivating you and how to change it. Page 41
  • How to actually sleep better (I was NOT a good sleeper so this was really important to me
    to include for you). Page 43
  • Think it will take months to be happy? FALSE. You can start today and wake up happy tomorrow. Page 45

What CLIENTS Have To Say About Elysia

Dan Leavitt

Talent Development

“Elysia used her inspiring personal life story and profound experience as a mindfulness coach and practitioner to make a big impact and leave a lasting impression on our teams.

Her sessions are always enlightening and inspirational, but also extremely accessible and practical.”

Christy Beck

CEO of Model Environment

“Elysia lives an empowered life. That attracted me to her practice. I wanted to learn the techniques she uses to navigate feelings and challenging life experiences.

She shared grounding exercises for those times when I need to center myself.

She taught me how to refuel my spirit when my energy is low.”

Leslie Morgan

Founder and Brand Builder

“Elysia’s guidance and accuracy really helped propel me in the right direction both personally and professionally.

She is thoughtful, kind, generous and truly a spiritual guide who I have been incredibly fortunate to work with.

I highly recommend going to Elysia if you are in need of accurate and thoughtful guidance.”